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Book - Stop Smoking Start Vaping

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Book – Stop Smoking Start Vaping by Dr Colin Mendelsohn

Dr Colin Mendelsohn is one of Australia’s leading experts on smoking and vaping.

If you smoke and want to quit or a vaper who wants further confirmation, this book is for you! Vaping is the most popular and effective way for quitting smoking in Australia. However, it can be a little controversial and is poorly understood. This book will BUST the myths!

Dr Mendelsohn explains everything clearly in this easy-to-read book with over 400 scientific references.

This book is made up of three parts.

  • Part 1:  Explains what vaping is and the science supporting it, in simple terms.
  • Part 2:  Guides you through the maze of getting started.
  • Part 3:  Explores all the controversies about vaping.

Also, be inspired by the fifteen case studies of former smokers. These are real stories by real people just like you and show how vaping could change your life for the better.




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