Get Vape Coil Replacement From Our Store in Australia

When it’s time to replace the coil in your vaping device, get a quality one from our online store. Providing shipping all over Australia, Leaf House Vape shop has an extensive series of vape coils to suit any kind of vaping device. Vape coils depend on the brand of your vape device as well as what suits you the most.

Get vape replacement coils at great prices when you shop from us. We have pre-made replacement coils manufactured using the highest-quality materials for your vape device. You’ll find vape replacement coils in various brands, including Aspire, Joyetech, Geek Vape, and Eleaf.

Retain Freshness of E-Liquid Flavour With Our Vape Coil Replacements

To enjoy the fresh flavour of the e-liquid you’re using, you need to replace your vape coil regularly, depending on your vaping habits. For a heavy vaper, the coil needs to be replaced every week, whereas, for a light vaper, it can range from anywhere between a fortnight and a month. Other reasons why you might need to change the coil is if the e-juice has high vegetable-glycol content.

If you notice a burnt flavour while vaping, replace the coil immediately. If you don’t, your vaping kit will not produce vapour properly and you might need to replace the entire kit. Visit our online store today for your vape replacement coil and get them delivered to your home. You can also contact us on 04 0411 2222.

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