There are two main ways to inhale vapour: Mouth To Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL). Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping is a comfortable style of inhaling for people who are using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking while, Direct Lung (DL) vaping is more commonly done by people who have been vaping for some time.


Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping is when you take a long draw and inhale the vapour into your mouth first and then inhale it into you lungs after that. This style of vaping is very similar to the way you would take a drag on a cigarette. Often the mouth pieces (drip tips) on Mouth To Lung tanks are thinner (similar to the width of a cigarette butt). Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping is a comfortable way to drag and will often make the transition from smoking to vaping very easy. Mouth To Lung (MLT) tanks are specifically designed to use a reasonably high resistant coil and they have slightly restricted airflow. Vapers using a Mouth To Lung (MTL) tank can increase their nicotine strength to maximise their throat hit on the second inhalation. The other benefit is that the user may get better flavour as the vapour is first held in the mouth and high resistant coils use less e-liquid and less power.


Direct Lung (DL) vaping is when you draw the vapour directly into your lungs without first holding it in your cheeks. In other words you draw the vapour from your chest rather than your mouth. This style of vaping is similar to the way you would take a normal breath of air and produces a larger and denser vapour cloud than MTL vaping. People who try vaping for the first time will often find this style of vaping uncomfortable, however most people will prefer this style of vaping after vaping for some time. The mouth pieces (drip tips) on DL Tanks are wider and they use lower resistant coils and have larger airflow slots. Whilst this style of vaping uses more e-liquid than MTL vaping and the low resistant coils consume more power, it is by far the most common form of vaping.