Premium Quality Nicotine E-Liquids For Vape Enthusiasts

The essence of vaping is in its e-liquid. When you’re looking for the best quality vape juice, Leaf House Vape Shop is your go-to place. With our wide array of vape juices, we are Australia’s most preferred online shop when it comes to vaping accessories and devices. Enhance your vaping experience by exploring different flavours of e-juice available.

We provide e-liquids in bottles of several quantities ranging from 30 ml to 1 litre. The prices are dependent on the quantity as well as the brand you’ve chosen. According to the Australian Law, we do not sell nicotine e-liquids as it is banned. However, there are some e-juices where pharmaceutical grade nicotine is added to e-juice between concentrations of 0.1% – 2.4%.

Have A Great Vaping Experience with Nicotine E-Liquids & E-Juice

Our e-liquids also vary in the ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycol (VG). Both are often found in general food products and cosmetics. Usually, the e-juice has less than 50% PG as it is thinner than VG and helps in enhancing flavour. On the other hand, VG consists of the majority of the e-juice and is known to produce larger vapour clouds and lesser throat hit compared to PG.

You can also have a look at our range of flavouring options, which are not limited to just berry flavours and fruit flavours. Look for your favourite option or try a different flavour every time. All the flavour concentrates are further processed for safe consumption. You’ll notice that all liquids are stored in high-quality glass bottles for your safety.

You’ll find an array of e-liquids from various brands like Twelve Monkeys, Propaganda E-Liquid, The Hype Collection, and Barista Brew Co. All our e-liquids are sold at competitive prices and shipped across Australia.

If you have any questions on the e-liquids we sell at our online or physical store, contact our customer care today and get your queries answered. You can either email us or call us on 04 0411 2222.

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