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If you're looking for the next step in vaping nirvana, building your own coils is a great place to start. We offer a comprehensive range of wire in various gauges, material options and even offer premade spools of wire, making the job of rebuilding with exotic coils even easier.


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Dovpo 7 In 1 Pre-Built Coils-42 pcs-Vape Shop Australia-2aDovpo 7 In 1 Pre-Built Coils-Vape Australia-2a
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Dovpo 7 In 1 Pre-Built Coils

Dr Coil-Alien Fused Clapton-Vape AustraliaDr Coil-Alien Fused Clapton-Vape Australia Melbourne-2a
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Vandy Vape Triple Fused Clapton Wire Ni80-Vape AustraliaVandy Vape Triple Fused Clapton Wire Ni80-Vape Shop Australia
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Vandy Vape Ni80 Triple Fused Clapton Wire

Frequently Asked Questions

The three main varieties of vaping wire used are Kanthal, Nichrome and Stainless Steel. Kanthal and Nichrome are similar in their tensile properties, however Nichrome has a lower resistance in comparison to the same gauge and length of wire in Kanthal. Stainless Steel is slightly different from the other two, if you plan on using Temperature control, you need to use Stainless Steel in order to have Temperature Control function correctly. Also keep in mind that Stainless Steel wire has a very low resistance in comparison to Kanthal And Nichrome.

Typically, the thicker gauge of wire used, the lower the resistance of the finished coil. Because of this, choosing a higher resistance wire can be better for single cell and MTL devices, whereas thicker gauge wire is better for DTL and high powered devices.

If you wish to have a simple wrapped coil, you only need a build toolkit to create a coil with round wire or remade Clapton spools. If you wish to delve into building exotic coils, there are many YouTube videos explaining the concepts and techniques used. Be aware, if you chose to build your own coils, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and arrangement.