Drip Tips

Drip tips are mouthpiece accessories for vaping devices, serving as a conduit for vapor. Originally designed for drippers, they now fit various atomizers. Drip tips come in different materials, each impacting the vaping experience.

Material Types: Delrin: Heat-resistant plastic, durable, and available in various colors. Ultem: Another heat-resistant plastic, but with limited color options. Teflon: Soft and heat-resistant material, providing a comfortable mouthfeel. Epoxy Resin: Highly sought-after for its vibrant colors, heat resistance, and durability. Glass: Heat-resistant, although it may slightly affect flavor and can stain over time. Wood: Provides an organic look but can retain flavors and moisture. Quality matters for secure fitting. Stainless Steel: Common but not highly heat-resistant. Best for low-power devices. Stone: Exceptionally heat-resistant, offering a unique mouthfeel, but quality varies. Choose carefully.

Selecting the right material depends on your preferences and the kind of vaping experience you seek.


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