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Create your best vaping experience and cover all your herbal vaping needs with Leaf House Vape Shop's great selection of the latest and highest quality brands in dry herb vapes, accessories and parts. Shop online or instore for portable (pens, handheld) to high performance desktop vaporizers and more.


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Full Ceramic Cartridge- 510 Cart- Vape Shop AustraliaFull Ceramic Cartridge- 510 Cart- Vape Australia-2a
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Oil Cartridge 1.0ml (Cg05) – Full Ceramic - Single Fill - PLUS BULK BUY OPTION

$9.95 - $14.95
Storz & Bickel – Screen Set Small-Vape Australia-2aStorz & Bickel – Screen Set Small-Vape Shop Australia-2a
Storz & BickelOut Of Stock

Dry Herb Vaporizers FAQ

The simple answer is just pack your vape full, turn in it, and start vaping! But there are a few tips to insure that you get the most out of your vaporizer and dry herb.
1. First is to pick the right vaporizer for your need: Conduction or Convection?
2. Next is to decide if you prefer top loading or bottom loading on your vape; This can affect the smoothness and flavour of your vaping experience.
3. And lastly is setting your vaping temperature. This too can affect the smoothness as well as taste and smell of the vaporization. Customize this all Here.

If you are new to vaping, the variety of options might confuse you, so here is a quick guide to help you pick the best vaporizer for your desired vaping experience:
First thing about whether you want to carry your vaporizer with you or have it in a dedicated place. Battery powered Portable vapes are your go to if you want to vape away no matter where you are. Otherwise, go for Desktop vaporizers.
Next is to decide of you prefer Convection or Conduction vaping. Convection vapes use steam to heat the dry herb, whereas conduction vaporizers heat to the herb directly by heating a metal in contact with it.
Now that you narrowed down your options, go ahead and find your dry herb vaporizer, parts, and accessories.