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If you have a device which takes 18650,20700 or 21700 batteries, a charger can be a good investment for both daily convenience and battery longevity. Select from the substantial range of chargers which suit any budget or need.


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Nitecore - V2 In-Car Charger - Vape Shop AustraliaNitecore – V2 In-Car Charger 2 – Vape Shop Australia
NitecoreOut Of Stock
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Nitecore - V2 In-Car Speedy Battery Charger

USB C Charging Cable-Vape Shop Australia-2USB C Charging Cable-Vape Australia
Leaf House Accessories
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Type C USB Cable 26cm

XTAR X CHARGER SERIES - X2 - Vape Shop AustraliaXTAR X CHARGER SERIES – X2 – Box Content-Vape Shop Australia-2
XTAROut Of Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find yourself reaching for the charging cord halfway through the day, an external battery charger could be the best vape related purchase of your life. The reason? An external battery charger, especially one with fast charging capability, can charge your batteries faster and more safely than your device can. In addition to this, you can have multiple cells or sets of cells ready to go, meaning you just swap and keep vaping, no waiting required.

Yes! Charging your batteries externally is the safest and recommended way to charge your batteries. All chargers have safety features such as voltage cutoff protection, maximum charge protection and undervotage protection. They also charge each individual cell to completion, meaning that if you have a dual battery device, your batteries will last longer.

The charger you chose is going to depend on your vape usage. If you have many devices, or prefer to have multiple battery cells, you might prefer a higher power four bay charger. If you need something portable, one of the slimmer two bay chargers may suit your needs better. Another consideration is the size of your battery, so make sure the charger you chose can fit your size of battery.