Well-Known Vape Pen Brands Shipped to Your Home in Australia

If you’re looking for a smaller unit to use for vaping that can comfortably fit in your pocket, vape pens are the ideal option. Leaf House Vape Shop stocks some of the best quality and well-known brands of vape pens that you’ll find in Australia. You’ll also find a wide variety of vape pens in our online store.

There are mainly two kinds of vape pens – mouth-to-lungs (MTL) and direct lungs (DL) vape pens. The vape pen that you want will depend on how experienced you are in vaping. If you’re vaping for the first time, MTL vape pens are highly recommended. DL vape pens are mostly suited for users who have already been vaping for some time.

Finding the Difference Between MTL and DL Vape Pens

Some of the other differences in MTL and DL vape pens are the battery, tank atomizers, and coil resistance. MTL vape pens use smaller batteries and tank atomizers compared to DL vape pens and uses less wattage and e-liquid due to their high-resistant coils. On the other hand, DL vape pens have wider tanks, consume more e-liquid, and have lower resistant coils.

Though MTL vape pens make it easier to drag the smoke to the lungs and provide better flavour, DL vape pens are more commonly used as the vapour directly hits the lungs. You can read more about inhaling vapour and other differences between MTL and DL vape pens.

Find the right vape pen today when you explore our collection. You can also visit our physical store if you’re in Epping or Coburg, Melbourne. Contact us today on 04 0411 2222 if you have any questions.

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