Replacement Pods

If you have a pod system, you can purchase additional pods for it here. Additional pods can be useful for a variety of reasons, namely if you break the pod included with the device, or wish to have multiple pods with different flavours, coils and more. Additional pods also allow you to freshen up a used device, making it feel better to use.


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ZQ MiCool Replacement Pods (Pack of 2)

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The correct pod for your device can be found by searching for your device on the website, then choosing the replacement pod listed. It is also worth noting that some devices are compatible with different kinds of pods for different styles of vaping, so you may be able to chose a pod that better suits your vaping style.

Yes! Many of the pods available from our website are available either as a boxed set (or as an individual item). Although it is usually cheaper to buy multiple, in some cases you do have the option to purchase only one if needed.

The choice to replace your pod is very much a matter of personal preference. If you have an integrated pod and coil, then you will have to replace your pods every week to two weeks. If your pod uses a removable coil then you can replace your pod when it is worn, scratched or it starts to not fit the mod correctly. Some people like to get a few pods to use with different flavours.