Mystery Bundle

Stuck on what to order? Looking for a new kit? Just want to try something new? Bundles can be the answer. With bundles ranging from simple liquid options all the way to dual battery kit bundles, there’s a choice for every budget and desire, with a handsome discount attached too!


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Mystery Builders Vape Kit Bundle

Mystery E-Liquid Bundle-Vape AustraliaMystery E-Liquid Bundle-Vape Shop Australia
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Mystery E-Liquid Bundle

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Mystery Pod Bundle-Merchandise and Accessories-pod vape-Vape Shop Australia-2d@0.75x@0.75xMystery Pod Bundle-Vape Australia-2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bundles are collections of products with a discount attached to them. Our bundles focus on providing overall value over complete randomness, meaning you’re always certain to receive value.

Depending on what you chose, your bundle will include various kinds of devices, coils and liquids. All bundles will ship with an assortment of accessories, meaning that you’ll receive spare coils, pods and batteries compatible with the devices which are chosen for your bundle.

Due to the random nature of bundles, the specific devices and liquids you receive cannot be chosen at the time of purchase. Rest assured however, our team will pick quality devices and liquids into the bundles, meaning you’re unlikely to receive something that you don’t like. As for liquid choices, you never know, you may receive your new favourite flavour!