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Handmade coils are the highest quality coils available for Rebuildable devices. Chose from our assortment of resistances, sizes, materials and designs to perfectly suit your specific device. Leaf House Australia has options to fit any budget and desired output.


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Handmade Alien MTL 0.25ohm - Leaf House Vape Shop Melbourne Australia
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Handmade Coils - MTL Alien 0.7ohm (Single Coil)

Dr Coil-Alien Fused Clapton-Vape AustraliaDr Coil-Alien Fused Clapton-Vape Australia Melbourne-2a
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your coil choice is going to depend on what kind of vape experience you wish to have, and how much power your device can deliver. If you have a large RDA or RTA, low resistance, high power handmade coils are a good choice for clouds and flavour. If you have something smaller, like a single coil RDA or RDA, a rebuildable atomiser or a rebuildable pod, a smaller, higher resistance coil is a better choice for battery life and performance. If you’re looking to perfect your MTL experience, even smaller MTL coils are available too.

When deciding which coil to purchase for your rebuildable device, there are two variables to consider. The first is the overall resistance of the coil, a lower resistance will fire faster and at a higher wattage level, but will require more power from your device to run, this is inversely true for higher resistance coils. The other consideration is the structure of the coil. See thing like a framed staple alien coil will be more flavourful and cloudy than a simple Clapton coil, however the cost per coil will be higher due to the complexity and skill required to construct the coil.

Most people typically get about 6-8 weeks from a handbuilt coil. This can be longer if the coil is taken care of with routine cleaning and adjustment, and can be shortened by harsh juices and high levels of sweetener. An easy way to get more life out of a coil is to install it correctly and remove all hot spots and inconsistencies from the wire before use.