Inbuilt Battery Kits

Buy Inbuilt Battery Vape Kits from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia. Inbuilt vape kits are basically vape kits that have an in-build battery, so no need to purchase batteries separately. Usually these kits have a lower wattage than devices that have removable batteries, but there are some exceptions. The benefit is that you don't need to buy batteries and the downside is that you can't replace your batteries over time.


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VOOPOO VINCI 2 50W Pod Mod Kit

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Inbuilt Battery Kits FAQ

The major benefit is convenience and the fact that you don’t need to buy batteries separately. Many smaller vape kits have inbuilt batteries and charging is easy by just plugging in the device. No need to worry about batteries and chargers.

The most significant disadvantage of an Inbuilt Battery Kit is that you can’t change your battery when it wears out. However, it usually takes between 300 to 400 charges before your battery will need replacing, so in most cases by that stage it is time to get a new device.

Another thing is that inbuilt battery devices are usually lower in wattage, so that is fine if your a MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaper. But if you vape at 80W or higher you will be limited on options for a device that has an inbuilt battery that actually goes that high.