Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers are devices that heat up oil to convert it to a vapour that can be inhaled. In many cases oil vaporizers use the same systems as standard e-liquid vapes, however the wick and coil is designed specifically for the viscosity or thickness of oil. E-liquid does not vaporize well in an oil vaporizer. Some oil vaporizers have a ceramic or quartz heating chamber and a porous material like a mesh pad which inserts into the chamber. Concentrate oil is then added to the porous mesh to be heated and vaped.


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510 CUP-Longmada-510 Cartridge-Vape Australia-2A510 CUP-Longmada-510 Oil Cartridge-Vape Shop Australia-2A
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510 CUP - 510 Threaded Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

510 cartridge-0.5ml-BULK BUY-Metal Flat Mouthpiece-Buy at Vape Shop Australia510 cartridge-0.5ml-Metal Flat Mouthpiece-Vape Shop Australia
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Dry Herb Oil (Resin) Ceramic Core Cartridge 0.5ml – Flat Stainless Steel Mouthpiece - PLUS BULK BUY OPTION

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Generally vaping oils has no harmful effects and Doctors in Australia regularly prescribe oils that can be vaped. However, in recent times oil that contains vitamin E acetate, has shown to be particularly harmful to the lungs. It is rear that vitamin E acetate is used (as a thinner) in making oil, but users of oil vaporizers should ensure that their oil does not contain vitamin E acetate and that they have sourced their oil from a legitimate compound pharmacy.

Oil and e-liquid are completely different. Oils is a natural extract that has the consistence of any household oil (like olive oil) and it is not soluble. E-liquid on the other hand is soluble and is made from Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.