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Boro Devices or Boro Systems are vaping tanks, devices and parts that use the Boro Tank System instead of the standard 510 threaded system. The Boro System was first introduced in 2011 by Billet Box Vapor.

The name Boro comes from the borosilicate glass originally used in the Billet Box. Nowadays, the term 'Boro' is used to describe tanks, kits (or devices) and other parts that are compatible with the same system originally used by Billet Box Vapor. In most cases the Boro System is used in more niche and high end vape devices, however in recent times the system has broken through to broader market and we are seeing these device and their parts getting more widely available and more affordable.

The standard Boro Device is an AIO kit powered by a single battery and uses the Boro Tank. Inside Boro Tanks are what is called the Bridge, which is the internal components of the Boro Tank. A Bridge controls the airflow, houses the atomizer (RBA deck or factory coil) and stretches the length of the tank from bottom to top. This system can be very useful when it comes to changing your Boro Tank from one coil system to another. For example, you may have a bridge that uses a particular type of coil and you want to start building your own coils- then you just buy a RBA Boro Bridge that suits your requirements and fit it to the Boro Tank.


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