Looking for coils and atomizers? Explore our great variety of quality vaping brands, coil types and supplies. Vape coils are available in cotton wicks and porous ceramic, covering a wide range of resistances. We also offer pre-made coils for rebuild purpose. Australia wide shipping!


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Vape Coils FAQ

Generally, a coil used within its operating range and at a steady pace, will last approximately two weeks. However, this is not a guarantee; Coils can burn out much quicker than this. For example, if you are vaping heavily on a high wattage, your coils may not last as long.

A coil, if used within its operating range and at a steady pace, will generally last for two week. Meanwhile, you should clean your device when you start to feel a burnt taste while vaping. However, the coils in pod devices cannot be cleaned and the only solution to get rid of the burnt taste or a faulty pod coil is replacement.

It is best to prime (wick) your new coil before installing it. Simply hold the coil with one hand and then with the other take your e-liquid bottle and carefully squirt drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton (or wicking material) on the inside of the coil. Learn all the details Here.