Superior-Quality Vape Coils Supplied to You in Australia

Find the largest variety of vape coils in Australia at Leaf House Vape Shop today. Our online store is home to vape coils from various brands and types and have different power outputs based on the amount of vapour produced. If you’re looking for a specific vape coil, you’re sure to find it in our shop. In case you cannot or they are sold out, just email us the product you want and we’ll do our best to bring it to you.

The main function of a vape coil is to heat the e-liquid and transform it to vapour. Every coil has a different resistance – a low-resistant coil will consume less-e-liquid and produce warm vapour. On the other hand, a high-resistant coil will consume less e-liquid and will ensure a steady battery use.

Vape Coils of Various Brands at Our Store in Australia

Whether you’re looking for a Vaporesso coil or a Smok Nord coil, you’ll find all the well-known brands of coils at our online store. Vape coils can be made out of many materials including stainless steel, kanthal, and nichrome. Have a look at the ohms for each of the vape coils to make an informed decision.

All our products are safe to use, come with a safety manual, and are under warranty. Buy the perfect coil for your vape device that will suit your vaping preference. Contact us today on 04 0411 2222 if you have any questions.

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