Leaf House has one of the widest ranges of Rebuildable vaping cotton in Australia. Chose from a range of different shapes, sizes, materials, thicknesses and formats to perfectly fit both your device and budget.

N.B: This cotton is designed for RDAsRTAs and RDTAs. If you have a replaceable coil based device, you need to purchase compatible coils for your tank, available here.


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Vape Cotton - Vape AustraliaVape Cotton-Japanese - Vape Australia
Leaf House Cotton
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Leaf House Vape Cotton -100% Organic Japanese Cotton (Pack of 20 Sheets)

Kaiju Cotton MESH Shoelace Threads-Vape AustraliaKaiju Cotton MESH Shoelace Threads-Vape Shop Australia
Kaiju Vape SuppliesLeaf House Cotton
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Kaiju Cotton - MESH - Shoelace Threads (Pack of 10)

Fat Boy Cotton By Leaf House Vape Shop-MelbourneFat Boy Cotton By Leaf House Vape Shop-1m Tin-2
Fat Boy Cotton By Leaf HouseLeaf House CottonOut Of Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question depends on both personal preference and your own device. Certain Rebuildable devices, such as Mesh RDAs and RTAs require thicker strands of cotton in comparison to coil based RDAs and RTAs. In addition to this, you may prefer to use cotton with aglets for convenience.

Again, the answer to this question is dependant on personal preference. If you run sweeter juices, or juices which are dessert based, you may need to change tour cotton more often than someone who runs less sweeter juices.

The hardest part of using a rebuildable device is deciding how much cotton to use. The easiest way to work out how much cotton to use and how to wick your device is to both experiment with the device and search for YouTube videos for your specific device and how to correctly wick it.