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Leaf House Vape Shop Australia are proud to offer some of the newest vape kits, vape accessories and vape e-liquids on the market. Vape kits, pod vapes and vape e-liquids are constantly being released and Leaf house Vape Shop try to keep up with all the latest vape products on the market.


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Basic Batch - Creamy Vanilla - Vape Shop Australia
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Basic Batch - Custards - Creamy Vanilla

Leaf House Vape Shop - Just Arrived FAQ

Leaf House Vape Shop Australia tries very hard to keep up with all the newest vape products on the market. Sometimes we feel that certain products are not suitable to our Australian vape customers and in those cases we may give a particular product a miss. However, our goal is to stock all the latest and best vape products and also stock all the parts and accessories related to those products.

Most of the time new vape products are an improvement on older products, however sometimes this is not the case. Our experienced staff will assist you if you have any questions about vape products and how they compare to previous models. Sometime older products are better than newer ones. We will let you know.