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Stuck on what to order? Looking for a new kit? Just want to try something new? Bundles can be the answer. With bundles ranging from simple setups all the way to dual battery kit bundles, there’s a choice for every budget and desire, with a handsome discount attached too!


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Mystery Advanced Vape Kit Bundle-Vape Shop AustraliaMystery Advanced Vape Kit Bundle-Mystery Box-Vape Australia
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Mystery Advanced Vape Kit Bundle

Mystery Vape Kit Bundle-Vape Australia-2@0.75xMystery Vape Kit Bundle-Vape Shop Australia-without text@0.75x
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Mystery Pod Bundle-Merchandise and Accessories-pod vape-Vape Shop Australia-2d@0.75x@0.75xMystery Pod Bundle-Vape Australia-2
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Mystery Pod Kit Bundle