Delivering Dry Herb Vaporizers From Our Online Store in Australia

For a healthier and more relaxing vaping experience, try out our dry herb vaporizer. A dry herb vaporizer is used to smoke dry flowers or herbs, like cannabis. You’ll find the perfect dry herb vaporizer at Leaf House Vape Shop, our online store that ships vaping accessories and devices all over Australia.

We mainly sell Aristech Herbva Vaporizers in two models – 5G and Nokiva portable vaporizers. Both our vaporizers have a ceramic heating room and can heat within 20 seconds. They are also easy to use, maintain, and refill. You get to experience clean and fresh vapour from the device when you use a dry herb vaporizer.

Choosing Dry Herb Vaporizer as a Healthier Alternative

Vaping using a dry herb vaporizer is a healthier and better alternative compared to other forms of vaping and smoking. This pocket-size vaporizer can be carried around with ease due to its subtle and minimalistic design. You can also change the default settings according to your taste and preference. All our products come with a warranty and a user manual.

Check out the different components that are included in the package when you buy an Aristech dry herb vaporizer. Contact us today on 04 0411 2222 if you have any questions on our products.

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