Leaf House Epping

Leaf House Vape Shop

In Vape News by Robert Berry

We first began looking for a new location for our second store early in the year of 2017. We had a few locations in mind and we were looking for somewhere that would be easily accessible and that had good parking options and somewhere which would allow us to grow a little. Our Coburg site is super small and parking is a real pain. After looking for close to a year we eventually found a couple of sites that seemed to have all the right characteristics so we made a few offers. Eventually one of our offers was accepted and thankfully it was our favourite spot.. in the growing northern suburban area Epping.

The site was run down and it needed a little vision to imagine how our clean-cut vape shop would fit into the picture.. but it had all the factors under the surface. We got the keys for the property in March 2018 and we started our cosmetic work on the site.

We spent a couple of months painting and setting up the site and now the place looks great. The general idea is that this shop will not have any products on display which is consistent with current State laws. Our Coburg store is exempt from some of these laws and is a licensed certified e-cigarette retail premise. However any shops opened after the passing of the new laws can’t get a licence.. so this site unfortunately wont have any display. However, we hope to compensate for this by eventually having a massive range and really encompassing the concept of a warehouse outlet. So we hope to offer an extensive range so that we become a reliable outlet for all your e-cigarette products, parts and accessories and especially e-liquid.

We are not in the final stages before opening and we have had to postpone the opening once so far due to a council permit for our parking area. However we are on track to open later this month!