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ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder

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ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder

ZEUS Grinders are renowned for their exceptional quality. Made from Aircraft Grade Anodised Aluminium (AGAA), which is strengthened to resist environmental pressure, these grinders are extremely hardy yet also very lightweight. The ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder is a medium-sized grinder with diamond-cut teeth that are calibrated to grind herbs to the perfect consistency. Grind consistency is super importance when using vaporizers, and the grind quality can significantly enhance the efficiency of vaping herbs. The Bolt 2 Grinder’s size is sufficiently large for convenience, yet compact enough to remain discreet and portable.

The ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder includes a durable hard case that is airtight, making it the perfect odour-proof container for your grinder after you have had a few sessions using it. It can also be converted into a three-piece grinder by simply removing the screen section. The ZEUS Bolt 2 is the ideal grinder for getting your herb ready for use in a vaporizer.

Features: ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder

  • 4 pieces grinder with 3 chambers
  • 5.5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height
  • Magnetic lid
  • Diamond cut teeth
  • Calibrated perfectly for grinding herb for vaporizers
  • Made of anodized air craft grade aluminum

In The Box

  • 1 x 4 piece ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder
  • 1 x hard carrying case
  • 1 x ZEUS scoop

How To Use The ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder

  1. Open top of ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder
  2. Place your dry herb on bottom layer in the teeth of the grinder
  3. Close the top of ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder
  4. Gently rotate the top section of grinder, by twisting back and forth
  5. When herb the has been ground to the perfect consistency for vaporization, it will fall through to second layer and into the middle chamber
  6. Unscrew the top two pieces from the bottom two in order to access herb located in the middle chamber
  7. The bottom compartment stores the kief dust which falls through the fine mesh screen

How To Clean The ZEUS BOLT™ 2 Grinder

  1. Empty contents of  Bolt grinder from middle compartment and bottom compartment
  2. Disassemble Bolt grinder into 4 pieces
  3. Soak 4 pieces in 99% alcohol for 15 to 30 minutes
  4. Remove pieces from alcohol
  5. Use a bristle brush or pipe cleaners to dislodge any remaining particles or residue
  6. Rinse pieces with hot water
  7. Drip or towel dry all pieces completely
  8. Reassemble your sparkling clean ZEUS Bolt 2 grinder!



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