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Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack

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Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack

Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack designed and created by Zeus Arsenal. The Lid Pack contains 50 paper lids that can be used as a replacement for your Zeus ArcPods.

The Zeus ArcPods can be used with the Zeus Arc series of vaporizers, they make taking your vaporizer with you easier than ever by allowing you to pack the pods beforehand. When making pods ahead of time to take with you, it is important to identify which pods have been used and placed back in the pack and which lids are new and ready-to-go lids for vaporizing with. Identifying used lids vs new lids is easier then ever, used lids turn into a light brown colour and new lids are white.

No more packing on the go, just pop in and enjoy.

Compatibility: Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack

  • Zeus Arc
  • Zeus Arc GT
  • Zeus ArcPods

Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack Package Contents

  • 1 x Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack


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