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Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)

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Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)

The Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils are press fit (plug) style of coil with many variances allowing for a fine tuned vape. Coils available in a pack of 5.

Please note: Some Vaporesso devices which are compatible with the GTX Coils will not fit all the coils in the GTX Coil series. Take note of the coils that your device came with and purchase those particular ones. The difference in the GTX Coil Series, is the shape of the top of the coil and the placement of the top of the coil to the chimney inside the tank (or pod). Some coils (MTL or higher resistance coils) insert into the inside of the chimney (have the rubbers on the top outside of the coil), while other coils (DL or lower resistance coils) insert on the outside of the chimney (and have the rubber on the top inside of the coil).


Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)

Vaporesso GTX Coil Types:
  • 0.3ohm GTX Mesh Coil (Best: 32-40W)
  • 0.8ohm GTX/GTX-2 Mesh Coil (Best: 12-20W)
  • 0.2 ohms GTX MESH COIL (Best: 45-60W)
  • 1.2ohm GTX MESH COIL (Best: 7-11W)
  • 0.6ohm GTX/GTX-2 MESH COIL (20-26W)
  • 0.4ohm GTX Mesh Coil (Best: 26-32W)
  • 1.2ohm GTX REGULAR COIL (Best: 7-11W)



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