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Utillian 5 (V3) Wax Vaporizer Kit

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Utillian 5 (V3) Wax Vaporizer Kit

The Utillian 5 (V3) Kit is an excellent option for those who prefer wax over traditional methods of vapourisation. It’s able to easily vaporise many different wax extracts, and it’s slim form factor allows for easy portability. The Utillian 5 (V3) offers those who love waxes rugged efficiency with 4 heat settings, 2 impressive coils, and a massive 1500mah battery to keep you going all day. The Utillian 5 (V3) is an absolute workhorse able to handle almost anything you throw at it. Now with the dab tool built into the plastic drip tip, its easier then ever to dab on the go.

Currently only available in black.

Features: Utillian 5 (V3) Wax Vaporizer Kit

•         4 Voltage settings

Featuring four different voltage setting, the Utillian 5 (V3) allows for a wide range of outputs and cloud sizes. Start on the lower two for less output and a more beginner friendly experience, or crank it to the max for massive clouds and big hits.

•         Twisted Kanthal Coil

The Jumbo twisted Kanthal Coil has versatility in spades, allowing for a wide range of concentrate loads. With a 4mm coil wrapped around a black ceramic inner, there’s lots of space for complete atomisation.

•         Triple Titanium Coil

Made for large hits and experienced users, the triple titanium is made for even larger loads of wax, supplemented by a core of black ceramic.

•         Adjustable Airflow

Regulating the airflow on the Utillian 5 (V3) is a breeze with an infinitely adjustable control ring on the topper. Just twist the top to restrict or open up the airflow to your preference.

•         Great Battery life

With a 15000mah battery, the Utillian 5 (V3) provides plenty of battery life for many hits. And when it does finally run out, it’s easily charged via micro USB.

TECHNICAL SPECS: Utillian 5 (V3) Vaporizer

  • Manufacturer: Utillian
  • Battery: 1500mah
  • Included: 1x Triple Titanium Black Ceramic, 1X 4mm Twisted Kanthal Black Ceramic
  • Temperature: 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, 2.8V
  • Compatibility: Wax
  • Warranty: 1 Year Hassle-Free on the Battery
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Kanthal, Titanium, Ceramic

Quick Feature Summary: Utillian 5 (V3) Vaporizer

  • Large Battery capacity
  • Micro USB charging
  • 4 Preset power levels
  • 4mm chamber
  • Easily adjustable airflow
  • High durability
  • Small form factor

In the box

  • 1 x Utillian 5 (V3) Wax Pen Kit
  • 1 x Twisted Kanthal Coil
  • 1 x Triple Titanium Coil
  • 2 x O rings
  • 1 x USB Charger


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