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Terpineol - Terpene Isolate - 5ml

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Terpineol- Terpene Isolate – 5ml

Terpineol refers to any combination of four isomers. It can possess a floral lilac or pine scent and tastes of fresh mint, lime, or anise.

Properties: Terpineol

  • Color: Colorless solid. Pure alpha-isomer is white, crystalline powder
  • Odor: Pure alpha-isomer is floral, lilac. Combined isomers are pine
  • Consistency: Liquid/crystalline
  • Taste: Lime, Peach, floral (lilac)
  • Boiling point: 218-221ºC
  • Flashpoint: 91ºC
  • Solubility: In water, 7100 mg/L at 25ºC. Very soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, acetone.
  • Formula: C10H18O
  • Density: 0.935 g/ML at 20ºC
  • Molecular Weight: 154.253 g/mol

Where does Terpineol come from?

Terpineol encompasses a group of four monoterpene alcohol isomers found in various plants. Alpha-terpineol is often likened to lilac in scent, while the combined isomers are reminiscent of pine

What is Terpineol used for?

Terpineol boasts a delightful taste akin to fresh mint, lime, or anise, making it a popular addition to fragrances, cosmetics, and flavoring agents.

How to use Terpene Isolate

How people use terpenes and the quantities they add to various concoctions is a personal preference. However, pure terpenes are extremely strong and research is advised prior to using terpene isolates.

Terpineol- Certificate of Analysis


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