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Rosin Paper

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Rosin Paper

Rosin press paper is a type of specialty paper that is designed for use with rosin presses, which are machines that apply heat and pressure to plant material to extract essential oils. The paper is made from a special blend of materials that can withstand high temperatures and pressures without breaking down or releasing harmful chemicals. It is also designed to be non-stick, which helps to prevent the plant material from sticking to the paper during the extraction process.

510 Rosin Paper is used by placing a small amount of plant material onto the paper and then folding it in half before placing it into the rosin press. The heat and pressure applied by the press causes the essential oils to be extracted from the plant material and collected on the paper. After the extraction is complete, the paper can be carefully peeled apart to reveal the collected essential oils. The paper can then be discarded or reused, depending on the specific type of rosin press being used. Overall, rosin press paper is an essential tool for anyone looking to extract essential oils from plant material using a rosin press. Its high-temperature resistance, non-stick surface, and convenient size make it an ideal choice for this type of application.

Rosen Bags  Features:

  • Dimensions 100 mm x 150 mm / 200 mm x 300 mm
  • Quantity Per Pack 50

In the pack

  • 50 x Rosin Paper




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