Nichrome Ni80 (30ft Spool)
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Nichrome Ni80 Vape Resistance Wire (30ft Spool)

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Nichrome Ni80 Vape Resistance Wire (30ft Spool)

Nichrome wire is an alloy composed of nickel and chromium, and may also contain other metals such as iron. Nichrome Ni80 is a grade of Nichrome with 80% nickel and 20% chromium. Ni80 is a very common resistance wire used for making vape coils.

Ni80 has a lower resistance than Kanthal and heats faster. It is very malleable (bendy), easy to work with and shape into a coil. Nichrome also has a lower melting temperature than Kanthal, so you need to be careful when dry burning your coils. If you heat it to hot while dry burning it will actually melt, so just carefully pulse the coil and control the dry burn.

Making vape coils with Ni80 wire is really very easy. Use a little screwdriver or a vape coil jig to tightly make your wraps. Most coils are wound at around 3mm (approx. 2-3.5mm) in diameter and this will depend on the amount of available space on your vape tank coil build deck. If you are using a suitable gauged wire then coils usually have about 5 wraps, but anything from 3 to 7 wraps can also work. The more wraps you make the higher the resistance will be.

Making your own vape coils can take a little bit practice to get it right, but the advantage is that you have full control of the coil resistance and you can tweak the wicking to ensure the e-liquid reaching the coil perfectly.

We stock a wide range of wire gauges (GA). The lower (lower numbers) gauges are thicker and will have a lower resistance than the higher (higher numbers) gauges, which are thinner.

Nichrome Ni80 resistance wire spools are 30ft long and are available in a range of different gauges.

Resistance wire gauges is represented with either GA or AWG .

Nichrome Ni80 (30ft Spool) Wire Options

  • 20AWG
  • 22AWG
  • 24AWG
  • 26AWG
  • 28AWG
  • 30AWG
  • 32AWG
  • 34AWG
  • 36AWG


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