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Leaf House Herbal Grinder

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Leaf House Herbal Grinder - Introduction

Leaf House Herbal Grinder

At Leaf House Vape Shop we love our grinder, which is perfect for preparing your herb for use in a vaporizer. The Leaf House Herbal Grinder is a 4 piece grinder with 3 sections. Made from hardy aluminium alloy, this grinder is 50mm wide and approximately 36mm high. The Leaf House Herbal Grinder is a classic hand crank grinder with razor sharp cutting teeth. The lid for the cutting chamber is magnetic and the middle section (or catch tray) underneath the cutting chamber is lined with a stainless steel pollen screen to filter the very small dust particles which fall through to the bottom section. The very small particles can then be collected using the included scraper.

Features: Leaf House Herbal Grinder

  • 4 pieces grinder with 3 sections
  • 5.0 cm diameter x 3.6 cm height
  • Magnetic lid
  • Sharp cutting teeth
  • Cutting teeth are calibrated perfectly for grinding herb for vaporizers
  • Made of high grade aluminium alloy

In The Box

1 x 4 piece ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder
1 x hard carrying case
1 x ZEUS scoop

How To Use: Leaf House Herbal Grinder

  • Remove the magnet top off the Leaf House Herbal Grinder
  • Gently place your dried herb on bottom layer in-between the teeth of the grinder
  • Close the top of grinder
  • Grind up the herb by gently rotating the top of grinder, back and forth
  • The dried herb will fall through to the second section when it reaches the perfect consistency for vaporization
  • Unscrew the the middle section to access the ground herb
  • The bottom sections collects the fine dust, which builds up over time

How To Clean: Leaf House Herbal Grinder

  • Empty contents of  Leaf House Grinder from middle and bottom sections
  • Disassemble all the sections of the grinder in to it’s 4 pieces
  • Soak 4 pieces in 99% alcohol for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Remove the pieces from alcohol solution
  • Use a bristle brush or pipe cleaners to remove any remaining residue
  • Rinse all the pieces with hot water
  • Drip or towel dry all pieces completely
  • Reassemble your sparkling clean grinder!


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