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Kanthal A1 Vape Resistance Wire (30ft Spool)

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Kanthal A1 Vape Resistance Wire (30ft Spool)

Kanthal A1 is a very common resistance wire used for making coils for vaping. Kanthal A1 can be used in wattage mode (not temperature control mode) and it is available in various gauges. Making vape coils with Kanthal A1 wire is really very easy. Just use a little screwdriver or a vape coil jig to tightly make your wraps. Most coils are wound at around 3mm (approx. 2-3.5mm) in diameter and this will depend on the amount of available space on your vape tank coil build deck. If you are using a suitable gauged wire then coils usually have about 5 wraps, but anything from 3 to 7 wraps can also work. The more wraps you make the higher the resistance will be.

Making your own vape coils can take a little bit practice to get it right, but the advantage is that you have full control of the coil resistance and you can tweak the wicking to ensure the e-liquid reaching the coil perfectly. Kanthal A1 is a (heating) resistance wire and is widely used in the vape industry. Checkout a list of our different gauged wire below:

Kanthal A1 Wire Gauge (AWG) Options

We stock a wide range of wire gauges (AWG). The lower (lower numbers) gauges are thicker and will have a lower resistance than the higher (higher numbers) gauges, which are thinner.

  • 22AWG
  • 24AWG
  • 26AWG
  • 28AWG
  • 30AWG
  • 32AWG
  • 34AWG
  • 36AWG
  • 38AWG

Resistance wire gauges is represented with either GA or AWG .


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