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Integrated Adapter - Type 001

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Integrated Adapter – Type 001

Please Note: For use with compatible AIO devices only.

An integrated drip tip is a component commonly found on AIO vaping devices, specifically designed to enhance the vaping experience and address certain usability and performance issues on AIO devices. In this context, an integrated drip tip set consists of two main parts: an integrated drip tip base and a matching U-notched duckbill sleeve. Below are some benefits to using an integrated drip tip.

  1. Integrated Drip Tip Base: The integrated drip tip base is the part that connects directly to the vaping device, typically through standard BB threading. BB threading is a common threading type used in the vaping industry, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. This base serves as the connection point between the vaping device and the drip tip, allowing for a secure and stable fit.
  2. Matching U-Notched Duckbill Sleeve: The U-notched duckbill sleeve is the top part of the drip tip that you put your lips on when vaping. It is designed with a U-shaped notch for comfortable and ergonomic use. The matching design ensures that it complements the integrated drip tip base in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Elimination of Pooling Issues: One of the primary advantages of using an integrated drip tip is its ability to eliminate pooling issues. Pooling refers to the accumulation of e-liquid around the base of the drip tip, which can lead to leakage and reduced vaping quality. The integrated design ensures a tight and seamless connection, minimizing the likelihood of e-liquid pooling and related problems.
  4. Ease of Installation and Removal: Another benefit of an integrated drip tip is that it makes it easier to install and remove the Boro Tank (a type of vape tank) from the mod or vaping device. The integrated design provides a secure and straightforward connection, simplifying the assembly and disassembly process.

An integrated drip tip is a vaping accessory designed to improve the overall vaping experience by addressing pooling issues, facilitating easy installation and removal of the tank, and offering customization options through various color choices. It is a user-friendly and functional addition to vaping devices, particularly those with standard BB threading.

Please Note: For use with compatible AIO devices only.


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