Handmade Coils - Staggerton 0.12ohm



Handmade Coils – Staggerton 0.12ohm

Each pack contains 2 handmade coils. The coils are made with Nichrome 80 and have an internal diameter is 3mm. The Staggerton 0.12ohm coil configuration is 0.3 x 2 (0.1 x 0.4) x 4 38G and the resistance is approximately 0.12ohms for a dual coil build. This wire has four ribbon wires (0.1 x 0.4) stacked in the core of the coil. This stack of ribbon wire is wrapped (claptoned) with a 38GA wire and this wrap is spaced. The stacked and wrapped (claptoned) ribbon wires are then framed with two 28GA wires on either side and then they are all wrapped with a 38GA wire. This final 38GA wrap is also spaced with it going in the space left from the internal wrap.

Note: The specified resistance of these coils is for a dual coil build. If you’re building on a single coil atomizer, the resistance of one coil will ohm out at twice the specified resistance.