Handmade Coils - Alien 0.11ohm



Handmade Coils – Alien 0.11ohm

Each pack contains 2 handmade coils. The coils are made with Nichrome 80 and have an internal diameter is 3mm. The Alien 0.11ohm coil configuration is 3 x 26/38G and the resistance is approximately 0.11ohms for a dual coil build. This wire has three 26GA wires running parallel in the center of the coil and all three wires are wrapped with a wavy 38GA wire. The wavy wire is pre-prepared by wrapping the 38GA wire around another single wire and then removing this 38GA wire from the wrap and scratching it out before using it again to make the wrap on the alien coil.

Note: These coils are specifically made for dual coil builds. The specified resistance of these coils is for a dual coil build. It is not recommended to use these coils for a single coil build, as the resistance will be extremely low.