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Focus V Carta 2 Kit

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Focus V Carta 2 Kit

To say we excited about this device is an understatement! The Focus V Carta 2 Kit is a cutting edge smart e-rig designed to bring the the dab world to the forefront of technological innovation. The CARTA 2 has a large atomizer with a 360° heating element and an optimized airflow system. The OLED display screen shows everything you need to know in real time and of that is not enough, the new mobile app also give you full control of all the features with a seamless response time between changes. The phone app is sleek and easy to navigate. The highly customizable LED light show, clearly indicates the various operational statuses. The RGB LEDs will flash, pulse and glow in various ways to show what’s going one and when the device is ready for a hit. The OTA (over-the-air) technology allows you to download and run the latest software updates and you can set-up more customized option and features for your device.

Features: Focus V Carta 2 Kit

  • 360-Degree Ceramic Atomizer Heating

The Focus V Carta 2 uses the Intelli-Core Atomizers. The Intelli-Core Atomizers are made from ceramic glazed in quartz, designed to maintain the heat much better. The heat is distributed all over the heating bowl (360-degrees) and when it come to the top the cap has a quartz ball which absorbs and distributes the heat from the top. With a wide temperature range of 365-635°F (or 180-335°C), you will definitely be able to set this device up right for your particular concentrates.

  • HD Screen

One of the main things that makes the Carta 2 so awesome is the HD screen which displays all of the information you will ever need to vape herbal extracts.

  • Ergonomic Design

The Focus V Carta 2 is super comfortable to handle. The ergonomic shape of the device where you hold it has curves for your fingers and the rubbery texture feel great and will also withstand some minor falls and bumps.

  • RBG LED lighting

The lights are customizable and you’ll be able to set any number of lighting combinations you like. The lights could even be used to set the mood and are a cool way to pop a personal touch on you device.

  • Mobile Application

The Focus V Carta 2 app, allows you to adjust a wide array of settings including session pre-sets, LED light modes, session durations, temperature and you can even lock you device (if you don’t want that naughty teenager having a crack, when your out). At the bottom, there is even a slider for you to activate the atomizer, so you don’t even need to press anything on the device itself.

  • Dry Herb Compatible

Attach the Dry Herb Atomizer and activate the dry herb mode and use the Focus V Carta 2 for your dry herbs. In the dry herb mode set the temperature on the device of on the app. For dry herb, the heating range the temperature can be adjusted from 275°F to 500°F (or 135°C to 260°C).

  • Battery Life

The Focus V Carta 2 has an in-built 2000mAh proprietary battery, with USB-C fast charging and pass-through charging. This device can also be charged wirelessly with the 10,000mAh CARTA 2 Wireless Charger (sold separately).

In the Box: Focus V Carta 2 Kit

  • CARTA 2 Vaporizer
  • Intelli-Core™ Atomizer
  • Atomizer Cap & Tether
  • Carta 2 Carrying Case
  • Travel Silicone Stopper
  • Dab Tool
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Guide

How To Use: Focus V Carta 2 Kit

Please read the instructions provided in the box before using the Focus V Carta 2 Kit.

Step 1: Charge the vaporizer/Turning on the vaporizer

Before using the Focus V Carta 2, please ensure your device is fully charged using the provided USB-C cable and a compatible charging block (5v 1.1amp).

Step 2: Setting up temperature 

When you are on the main screen, just hit the down button to set the temperature. Then, use the up and down buttons to adjust to the temperature you desire. The OLED screen will show your changes as you make the temperature higher or lower. Once it looks good, just confirm your choice and the device will save it automatically when it goes back to the main screen.

Step 3: Loading the oven chamber

Depending on the type of material you are using, load the appropriate chamber or attachment.

Step 4: Heating up/Vaping

Press the power button two times to start the heating process. The device will start heating up to the chosen temperature. The OLED screen will display the current temperature as it rises. Once the vaporizer reaches the set temperature, your vaporizer will vibrate and it is ready to use. Take slow draws or hits from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

How To Clean: Focus V Carta 2 Kit

Step 1: Getting ready/Dissembling your vaporizer

Start by pouring your 70% – 90% isopropyl alcohol into a suitable container. Once that is done, proceed to disassemble your device into three separate parts: the CARTA Classic base, Everlast Atomizer and CARTA glass top.

Step 2: Cleaning your Intelli-Core for oil

Ensure it has cooled down and is safe to handle before proceeding disassembling your device. Slightly warming the atomizer can make it easier to remove. Grip the atomizer from the lower cylinder and turn it counterclockwise to detach it from the base unit. It should unscrew smoothly without resistance. Once detached, remove the silicone bumper and carb cap tether. With all the silicone accessories removed, place the atomizer in your alcohol-filled container.

Once all the components are in the container, let it sit for 5 minutes. Give the container a shake and then remove the items. Thoroughly dry them with a towel and set them aside in a warm area to ensure complete drying. Make sure there is no residual moisture before reassembling the parts.

Step 3: Cleaning your glass top

Insert a funnel into the mouthpiece of the glass top and pour isopropyl alcohol. Fill it slightly above the percolators. Cover the mouthpiece with a stopper then shake the glass to for 30 – 60 seconds. Pour out the isopropyl alcohol into your container. Stand the glass top upright in the container and this will help flush out any remaining wax from the lower part of the top. Soak the glass top for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the amount of residue. Once it looks clean, rinse the glass top with water to remove all traces of isopropyl alcohol.

Step 4: Cleaning your CARTA 2 base

Clean the atomizer connection points using 50% isopropyl alcohol wipes. Pay special attention to the gold contact pin and ensure there is no wax residue. Use a clean wipe to remove any residue from the silicone area that connects to the glass top. If necessary, use an alcohol-dipped swab to clean the airpath. For any stains on the exterior of the base, gently rub them away with a clean cloth. Dry the base completely and immediately after cleaning.


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