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Eugenol - Terpene Isolate - 5ml

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Eugenol – Terpene Isolate – 5ml

Eugenol is a pale yellow, oily terpene isolate that has a spicy, clove scent.

Properties: Eugenol

  • Colour: Colourless to pale yellow
  • Consistency: Liquid or crystalline
  • Odour: Spicy, wood
  • Taste: Spicy, pungent
  • Boiling point: 225ºC
  • Flash point: 124ºC
  • Solubility: In water, 246 mg/L at 25ºC
  • Formula: C10H12O2
  • Density: 1.0652 g/cm3 at 20ºC
  • Molecular Weight: 164.204 g/mol

Where does Eugenol come from?

Eugenol is a natural compound that is primarily derived from cloves, a spice obtained from the dried flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree

What is Eugenol used for?

Eugenol is utilized as a flavoring agent in food and beverages due to its pleasant, spicy, and clove-like taste and aroma. It’s commonly found in products like baked goods, candies, and spice blends.

How to use Terpene Isolate

How people use terpenes and the quantities they add to various concoctions is a personal preference. However, pure terpenes are extremely strong and research is advised prior to using terpene isolates.

Eugenol - Certificate of Analysis


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