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DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

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DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

The “B” by DynaVap is a dry herb vaporizer designed with first time users in mind. The “B” is an excellent entry point into the DynaVap’s range of thermal extraction vaporizers. The “B” includes a new style of Stainless Steel Tip, with the first single fin design for quick and simple extraction. The food grade silicone stem has an airport and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece for use with or without glassware. The “B” is composed of only 5 parts and made of only 2 materials. The Captive Cap, Tip, Condenser, and CCD are Stainless Steel and a Stem is Silicone.

To learn more about how the DynaVap Vaporizer works, see the article: HOW TO USE YOUR DYNAVAP VAPORIZER.

Features: DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

  • Tip chamber is optimised for efficient extraction
  • Food-grade silicone stem
  • 10mm tapered mouthpiece
  • O-ring optional design for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Silicone stem has a pentagonal anti-roll design and the tip elevation geometry
  • Condenser can be adjusted to customise airflow and cooling
  • Tip is backwards compatible with DynaVap devices and accessories

How To Use: DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

Please read the instructions provided in the box before using the DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer.

Step 1: Fill the chamber

Open the vaporizer and load your finely ground herb material into the chamber. Make sure not to overpack it as you want the material to have some room to expand.

Step 2: Assemble and heat

Assemble the vaporizer and hold the vaporizer with one hand and use butane lighter or an induction heater to heat the cap of the vaporizer. Heat the cap until you hear a click.

Step 3: Inhale

Once you hear the click, start taking slow and steady draws from the mouthpiece. After a couple of draws, the cap will click again when it cools down. You can then either reheat the cap and continue your session or wait for the vaporizer to cool down further before emptying the chamber and reloading.

How To Clean: DynaVap The “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

Step 1: Disassembly the device

Carefully disassemble your DynaVap vaporizer into individual components.

Step 2: Soak the parts

Fill a small container with isopropyl alcohol and place disassembled parts into the alcohol and let them soak for a about 15 – 30 minutes. This will help break down and loosen any built-up residual.

Step 3: Scrubbing

After soaking, use cotton swabs to gently scrub away any remaining residue from various parts. Be thorough but gentle to avoid damaging the components.

Step 4: Drying the components

Allow all the cleaned parts to dry completely before reassembling the vaporizer.






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