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DaVinci Premium Dosage Holder

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DaVinci Premium Dosage Holder

The DaVinci Premium Dosage Holder is a pod holder compatible with the IQ vaporizer series. Made from hardy brushed aluminum, this sturdy case holds up to 6 ceramic (or stainless steel) dosage pods (pods sold separately). This holder is perfect for preloading your sessions and getting your herb nice and organized so you can space things out a bit.

To use the Premium Dosage Holder, simply preload your capsules (capsules sold separately) with herb and insert in to the holder. The capsules need to be removed from their silicon cases (if they have cases) prior to being inserted into the holder. You could use the individual silicon capsule cases to store the use capsules after your session to limit the smell. The holder itself will not mask the smell of used capsules, so best to pop your used capsules into their individual silicon cases.

Please Note: DaVinci Premium Dosage Pod Holder does not come with capsules. This product is only the holder, capsules sold separately.

This product is a 100% authentic (OEM) Davinci part.



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