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510 Drip Tip - Style 001

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510 Drip Tip – Style 001

Material: Aluminum

A 510 drip tip is a type of mouthpiece or tip used in vaping devices, particularly in vapes pens. The “510” refers to the standardised threading size and design, making it one of the most common and widely used drip tip styles in the vaping industry.

These drip tips are usually narrow and cylindrical in shape, designed to fit into the 510 connection port found on most vaping tanks and atomizers. They serve two primary functions:

  1. Comfortable Vaping: The 510 drip tip allows users to comfortably draw in vapor from their vaping device. It provides a smooth and ergonomic surface for the lips and mouth.
  2. Customisation: Vapers can personalise their vaping experience by choosing from a variety of materials, colors, and styles of 510 drip tips. This customisation allows users to match the drip tip with their device or express their personal style.

Overall, the 510 drip tip is an essential accessory for vapers, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to enhance their vaping experience.


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  • Black
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