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510 Bubbler

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510 Bubbler

If you enjoy big, cool rips when consuming concentrates or oil carts, you’re going to love the 510 bubbler by 510 Flower. It’s super easy to use, there’s nothing complicated about this rig. The outer shell pops-off, exposing the built-in 510 thread socket then you can install the your favorite oil cartridge. Fill the bubbler with water, push the outer shell back into place, turn the 510 Bubbler on, and you’re ready to rip! Don’t wait, treat yourself to a new experience.

510 Bubbler Features:

  • Size: 57x126x24mm
  • Suitable for all 510 cartridges, fits up to 15mm diameter cartridges.
  • Battery power capacity: 650mah
  • Suitable for all 510 Cartridges, fits up to 16mm diameter cartridge. (Supports cartridge resistances: >1.0ohm)
  • 4 Voltage Settings.
    • Blue 3.2V
    • Purple 3.6V
    • Red 4.0V
    • Cycle lights colour 2.2V-3.6V (power wave technology)
  • Transparent housing can be removed.
  • Glass bubbler vapor design.
  • Material : Zink alloy + PCTG (food grade) + ABS + Glass.

How to use:

  1. Remove transparent bubbler housing.
  2. Add water into glass bubbler (DO NOT EXCEED 2CM)
  3. Screw the cartridge into the battery threads: (Do not over tighten the cartridge).
  4. Reconnect transparent bubbler housing.
  5. Press button rapidly 5 times to turn device On and OFF.
  6. Press button rapidly 3 times to change voltage level.

In the box

  • 1x 510 Bubbler
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Glass pipe


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