Dual Battery Kits

At Leaf House Vape Shop we are proud to offer a great selection of Dual Battery Kits at our Australian based vape shops. Dual Battery Kits are basically Vape Kits that need two 18650 (or 20700 or 21700) high-amp batteries to operate. These kits are also some of the most powerful vape kits available (accept maybe some Triple Battery Kits). It is recommended that the batteries in Dual Battery Vape Kits are charged externally using a battery charger. However, in most cases they can also be charged in the device and come with a charging lead. Dual battery kits are usually for DL (Direct Lung) vaping, but you can also use your Dual Battery Mod with a MTL (Mouth To Lung) tank if you wanted extra battery capacity.


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Vaporesso GEN 220W Kit-Gold-Vape AustraliaVaporesso GEN 220W Kit-Gold-Vape Shop Australia
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Vaporesso Gen 220W Kit

Smok Morph 3 Kit-Vape Australia-2Smok Morph 3 Kit-Vape Shop Australia-2
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Vapefly Kriemhild KitVapefly Kriemhild Kit
VapeflyOut Of Stock
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Vapefly Kriemhild Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries are not included with a Dual Battery Vape Kit. High-amp 18650 (or 20700/21700) batteries are sold separately. Ensure that you purchase your batteries from a vape shop and that the CDR (Continuous Discharge Rate) is high enough for your device. The staff at your local vape shop will be able to advise you as to the best suited battery for your Dual Battery Kit.

It is highly recommended that the batteries in a Dual Battery Kit are charged externally using a battery charger. The USB port is primarily for firmware upgrades and charging via the USB port will usually only supports a trickle charge and will not balance the battery cells correctly. Charging your batteries via an external battery charger will ensure device longevity and keep your batteries in good safe condition.