Terpene Isolates

Leaf House Vape Shop offers a curated selection of completely pure Terpene Isolates. Terpenes are organic compounds abundant in the plants and they play a crucial role in the diverse scents and flavours found in an array of plants. Our collection of Terpenes are for those who appreciate the intricacies of fragrance, terpene isolates offer a sensory journey like no other and can be combined to create those special flavours we all love so much. Explore how individual terpene characteristics offer specific notes, from the zesty notes to the soothing undertones. Uncover the potential the and elevate your DIY projects to create personalised blends.

Leaf House Vape Shop's terpene isolates are completely pure, and therefore are extremely concentrated. Use small amounts and research concentration amounts prior to using terpene isolates.

Isolated terpenes are great for creating your own profiles from scratch, however if you would like a blend please check our Terpene Blends.


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Valencene - Terpene Isolate - 5ml