Terpene Blends

Introducing our hand picked collection of Terpene Blends. Terpenes are nature's flavours and smells. These thoughtfully crafted blends bring together a harmonious orchestra of organic compounds found in various plants, each contributing its unique fragrance and character. Elevate your sensory experience as you explore the intricate balance of scents and flavors carefully composed in every blend.

Unveil a world of flavour possibilities with a Terpene Blend and incorporate them into your DIY creativity. Each blend is a testament to the artistry of expert composition, designed to transport you to lush landscapes, vibrant orchards, and serene gardens with every whiff. Discover the nuances of citrusy top notes, earthy undertones, and floral accents that dance together in perfect harmony. Let these terpene blends awaken your senses and inspire moments of tranquility, creativity, and connection with the natural world.

Leaf House Vape Shop's terpene blends are made from completely pure terpene isolates, and therefore are extremely concentrated. Use small amounts and research concentration amounts prior to using terpene blends.

Terpene Blends are great for getting a ready made profile off-the-batt,  however if you would like to create your own blends, please check our Terpene Isolates.


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Platinum OG-Terpene Blend-Vape Australia-2a
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Platinum OG - Terpene Blend - 5ml