Hellvape have made awesome vape products, like the Hellvape Rebirth RTA, Hellvape Fat Rabbit and the Hellvape Trishul V2. Founded in 2013 and located in Shenzhen, Hellvape specialize in the production and sale of electronic cigarettes, vapes and vape accessories. Hellvape are also very well-known for their DIY atomizers and their focus on developing vape accessories. Their DEAD RABBIT series was particularly popular. Buy Hellvape products from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.
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Hellvape FAQs

YES, Hellvape make some very popular RTA vape tanks, including the Dead Rabbit series. The Dead Rabbit RTA tank series was interesting due to the top airflow feature which up to that point was quite rare. Most RTAs have bottom airflow, but Hellvape managed to incorporated a top airflow design without loosing any of the major characteristics of a good RTA vape tank.

YES, Hellvape have a large range of vape accessories, including prebuilt coils, drip tips, vape cotton and other DIY supplies.

It is not that uncommon for different tank tubes to be compatible with other tanks from different brands. If you read online that another tank tube is compatible with your tank, then it probably is.