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Geekvape was founded in 2015 and is based in Shenzhen, China. The companies mission is to produce innovation, reliable products the enhance the users experience. Geekvape always listen to different voices, aiming to contribute positively to the community. Serving more than 30 million customers globally. Geevape strive to hold the highest standards and the connect actively on social media with over 2 million people. So feel free to reach out to them if you have any issues. The Geek Vape Aegis, is a very popular Geekvape product and although they have many popular coils, like the Z Series Coils, the B Series stand out as being one of the most popular.

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Geek Vape AEGIS SOLO 100W Box Mod

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There are many ways to unlock a Geek Vape device. The most common way is to click 5 times and turn the device of. Also, some device have a control lock by clicking (-) and (+) at the same time. Some of the more recent Geek Vape devices actually have a control lock slide button on the side.

Different Geekvape devices fill in different ways. The pod systems usually have a filling hole with a rubber stopper and the tanks are top filling.