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Focus V are an established company in the e-rig vaporizer industry. Their devices are made in Asia and distributed from their base in the USA. Focus V have lead the way in developing smart e-rigs with integrated apps and taking the dab space to the next level. The Focus V Carta 2 Kit is an example of this. This cutting edge smart e-rig is designed to bring the the dab world to the forefront of technological innovation. The CARTA 2 has a large atomizer with a 360° heating chamber and an optimized airflow system. The OLED display screen shows everything you need to know in real time and the mobile app also give you full control of all the features with a seamless response time between changes.

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Focus V CARTA 2 Dry Herb Atomizer-Vape Shop AustraliaFocus V CARTA 2 Dry Herb Atomizer-Dry Herb Coil-Vape Australia
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Focus V CARTA 2 Dry Herb Intelli-Core™ Atomizer


Basically Yes, The devices are made in China and then sent to their distributor in the USA.

Yes, Focus V e-rigs are very good. In fact they are up there with the best e-rigs available on the market. Focus V have excelled in quality, functionality and performance. They have also made their devices smart and have integrated mobile apps and device sensors that have really taken things to the next level.