Fcukin' Flava

Fcukin’ Flava was founded in August 2014 and is one of Malaysia's leading e-liquid manufacturers. Fcukin’ Flava make some very popular e-liquids like Fcukin’ Munkey and the honey dew flavour called Honeydew BC (Blackcurrant). Fcukin’ Flava also makes e-liquids that mix particularly well with salt nic. Buy Fcukin’ Flava e-liquid vape flavours from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Fcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava - ADV SeriesFcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava - ADV Series
ADV Series by Fcukin’ FlavaFcukin' FlavaOut Of Stock
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Fcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava (Medium Ice) - ADV Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Series is a line vape e-liquid flavours from Fcukin’ Flava.

That depends on your palate. Fcukin’ Flava is a very popular brand and is from Malaysia, a country well-known for making some of the worlds top vape brands. So it is definitely worth a try especially if you like fruity menthols and rich sweet flavours.