Dotmod is a premium quality vaping hardware and accessories brand based in China and with customer service offices in San Diego, California. Dotmod has engineered every product with precision and they are beautifully finished for performance and style. The popular Dotmod AIO and Dotmod Dotstick are great examples of Dotmods commitment to perfection. The new dotmod dotAIO V2 75W Pod System is an awesome upgrade to the original Dotmod AIO. The Dotmech, Dotsquonk and Dotbox Dual Mech are also well recognized vape mods in the mid (to high) level vape industry. Dotmod have also teamed up with other vape brands like BP Mods, who make a number of compatible replacement tanks, RBAs and other accessories for the Dotmod brand. This brand is perfect for people looking for a little more quality in the vape devices. Buy Dotmod from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Buy the dotmod dotRDA 24mm V1.5 at Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.Buy the dotmod dotRDA 24mm V1.5 at Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.
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Dotmod dotRDA 24mm V1.5

Dotmod dotMTL-Vape Shop Australia-2aDotmod dotMTL-Vape Australia-2a
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dotLeaf V1.5 Vaporizer-Vape Shop AustraliadotLeaf V1.5 Vaporizer-Dry Herb-Vape Shop Australia-2a
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DotAIO v2 kit-hero-Vape Shop AustraliaDotAIO v2 kit-Colours Options-Vape Shop Australia@0.75x
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dotmod dotAIO V2 75W Pod System

Dotmod FAQs

No, The Dotmod tanks for the DotAIO are their own unique size. Third party companies like BP Mods make Dotmod compatible tanks and RBAs.