Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady first began in 2106 with the release of their flagship flavour, Lemon Tart. Since then they have developed many flavours including their Summer Holidays range, the Fruits range and Sweets range. The Watermelon Slices and Melon Twist are great examples of how diverse this vape juice company really is. In recent years Dinner Lady have created a line of disposable vapes and have also a focused a Dinner Lady Nic Salt range of vape juice. Dinner Lady have also released a Dinner Lady CBD range. Buy Dinner Lady from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Dinner Lady - Smooth Tobacco - Vape Shop Australia
Dinner Lady
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Dinner Lady - Smooth Tobacco

Dinner Lady-Cafe Tobacco-Vape Shop AustraliaDinner Lady-Cafe Tobacco
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Dinner Lady
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Watermelon Slices - Sweets - Dinner Lady

Lemon Tart- Dinner Lady - Leaf House Vape Shop Melbourne Australia
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Dinner Lady FAQs

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is a disposable pod vape and is available in a range of different flavours and strengths.

Dinner Lady disposables are currently available in Australia with a doctors prescription. Dinner Lady Disposables are available in a range of different flavours and strengths.