Custard Monster

Custard Monster is a vape brand by Monster Vape Labs. Monster Vape Labs is an American vape juice company making some of the most popular e-liquid brands, including JAM MONSTER, FROZEN FRUIT MONSTER, FRUIT MONSTER, CUSTARD MONSTER, PB & JAM MONSTER, ICE MONSTER and TOBACCO MONSTER. Recently the LEMONADE MONSTER and The Milk have entered the seen and also become vape shop staples. Custard Monster flavours include Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and Butterscotch. Known for their rich, sweet creamy flavours, Custard Monster is a must have for any vaper who loves their creamy flavours. Buy Custard Monster from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Jam Monster-Black Cherry
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Jam Monster - Black Cherry

Custard Monster FAQs

This custard flavour incorporates a sweet thick butterscotch into a bowl of creamy custard that will delight the tongue’s taste buds.

Custard Monster is available in a 100ml bottle and is 25%PG/75%VG.

Strawberry is packed with flavour that brings the creaminess of Vanilla Custard together with the sweetness of strawberries for an overall fresh, delightful blend you’ll be sure to love!