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Coil Master is a vape accessories brand that specialize in prebuilt coils, vape tool kits, vape cotton and other vape equipment like the Coil Master 521 Ohm Reader. Coil Master's vape tool kits are also very popular and include the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 and the Coil Master DIY Kit V4. Buy Coil Master Vape Cotton from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Coil Master FAQs

Coil Master make a wide range of DIY vape tool and accessories. Learn some of the basics of building coils, how ohms and resistance works and some battery safety. Then checkout Coil Masters great range of DIY vape products.

The Coil Master Kit is a vape DIY tool kit, which includes all the the vape tool you will need to build you atomizers and maintain you rebuildable vape tanks and other vape gear.

The best way to go about learning how to build coils is by first selecting a good RTA, RDA or RDTA. Then you can either use a spool of resistance wire to make your coil or you can make it a bit easier with a prebuild coils. Once you have your coil, use the Coil Mast Kit to either wind the resistance wire with a coil jig or mount the prebuild coils onto the build deck. Add your vape cotton and follow the included instructions for your particular rebuildable vape tank and ensure the ohms are not to low.